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  1. Betting Site - Responsive both for desktop and mobile browser

    This is a betting site wherein members should register first and when they log in, they will have need to add funds to our web wallet. Payment option will be, btc,eth(through coinspayment) and fiat (still looking for online payment gateway here in the philippines)
    Once payment is complete, amount deposited will reflect on the web wallet. Members now can start betting 3 digit number and the amount they want to bet that will be deducted to the web wallet. winning numbers will be manually inserted by the admin 3 times a day, since there will be 3 draws per day. There will be also membership level, like the standard and vip. We will also have a referral system. As for withdrawals, it will be manually process and accepted by the admin.


    Website information
    Pages will consist Home, News, How it works, Faqs, Referral System, Login/Register, Contacts, Client Panel, Admin Panel, 

    Home - The 3 Draws are displayed here wherein it will show the 3 winning digit number and the names of the winner per draw. Also there will be a timer for the next draw. still thinking what to add aside from it

    By default, the landing page for each account will be account overview 
    Wallet summary should be Account Balance, Total Earnings, Total Withdrawals and Pending withdrawals

    Client panel 
    Standard Members

    • Register - Where client will be registering with certain fields, add email verification to avoid spam registration ( Facebook Signin, Google Signin)
      Full Name:
      Email Address
      Contact number
    • Login - using their username and password - option to add 2fa like google authenticator or email pincode
    • Forgot password 
    • Settings
      This is where you set your 2fa
      Update your info
      change your password
      change your email
      Basically update all your info except your full name
      Set your  local remittance information for local payments withdrawal - all manuals and subjected for approval after payment has been sent
    • Referrals - show referral links and all your first level down lines only.
    • 3% commission everytime their downline bet
    • 10% commission when their downline won a bet. for example if his downline win 10,000php. Standard member will be credited 1000php in their wallet
    • Peso Web Wallet - this is where they can add funds to bet or use the remaining balance to withdraw and send money to other users with certain fees.
    • Total Earnings - total winning earnings from bet and commissions from downline
    • Deposit will have automated with api and manual option for local remittances and banks
    • Bet - here is where they will bet for the 3 digit number, there will be a dropdown or something like 1 button each for each draw. since there will only 3 bets daily
      There will be two option 
      Target - Means if i bet 312, i will be only be able to win if the winning number is 312. Calculation will be 10php = 3500php - can be modify through admin panel
      Rumble - means if i bet 312 and the winning number is 123 is still win. Calculation will be 10php = 350php - can be modify through admin panel
      We should add a label for each bet for example T for target and R for rumble so it will be easier for them and the admin to identify which category they bet
      All bet will only be divisible by 10php. meaning i can only bet and pay 10php,20php,30php,40php and so on
      We can also set a limit for a certain combination, for example i will set that per combination can be only bet to a maximum of 1000php(configurable)
      here it will also display my current active bet for draw 1 if its draw or draw 2 and so on
    • Enable to bet multiple times before submitting then proceed to payment - SAMPLE
    • withdrawal - this is where they can withdraw using local remittance - this will be manual method
    • Transactions - Here they will see all the history of their transaction - total daily  withdrawals, bet, add funds, wins, commission from downline from bet and winning, pending withdrawals
    • Result - here it will show the daily result, there will be like pages per day that will show the result of each day. it will show my bet and amount if i win. also it will display the 3 Draws per day and remaining time before the next draw
    • Clock - it will be displayed on both on client and admin panel

    VIP Members

    • All Features of standard members
    • Need to pay 2500php to become a VIP Member.
    • 5% commission everytime their downline makes a bet
    • 20% commission when their downline won a bet. for example if his downline win 10,000php. VIP members will automatically get 2000php in their wallet
    • discounted withdrawals Fees on fiat


    How VIP Commission works
    Imagine this I am the first registered user. I upgarded to vip and paid the 2500php. SInce i have no upline there wont be any commision for my upline.
    I now i refer 1 member and he upgraded to VIP. I get a referral commission of 1000php since im a vip member, otherwise if im a standard member and my downline gets verified, i only get 300php.
    Now i refer for the 2nd time and got verified. I still get a 1000php referral commission, but this time my first referral will also get 250php bonus commission. Same scenario when i refer for the 3rd time and he gets vip, this time only the 2nd vip will get the bonus of 250php and so on. the bonus is only applicable to vip members before the current member who just got vip

    Second scenario
    My downline now refer his first referral, if his downline gets vip, he will now get the referral commission of 1000php since its a direct referral, but since my downline has an upline i will get a commission of 250php as well since iam a vip otherwise i get 100php if im only a standard member. Everytime my downline refer a vip member, i will always get 250php since im a vip.

    I will only get commission from my direct referrals downline. basically only upto two levels

    Admin panel

    • Landing page will be the overview similar to this Admin Panel
    • Option to add sub admin - wherein the sub admin can manually input the winning number
    • Show ip logs of members everytime they login
    • Show statistics of the  daily gross, net, payout, winners and total summary, this included  per members
    • manage members, admin - suspend, ban, modify etc
    • show top referrer per week, per month, per year, all time
    • show top earner per weekm per month, per year, all time
    • option to set the 3 winning digit number since it will be set manually by the admin or sub admin. on the page it will only show the 3 DRAWS per day, basically there it will consist of pages per day.
      For example FEB, 1 Page. The 3 DRAWS will be shown. if people already started betting for the draw 11am Draws, it will show all the total bets and the total amount. Once i enter the 3 digit number
      it will check if there are possible winners and if so it will show the winner name, bet number, total amount of bet and total winning amount which also be shown on the home page.
    • option to set maintenance for updates
    • option to set withdrawal fees per payment option and per membership
    • option to set referral commission percentage per membership
    • option to set a limit for the 3 combination number for both Target and rumble. for example if i set 100php then it means if someone bet 100php for the number 123, then that number is already closed or locked for that draw time. Target and rumble will have separate number limit.
    • There will be 3 draws per day. Admin can set the time for the 3 draws as well as the cut off. For example i set the first draw to 11am and cut off 15 minutes, meaning 15 minutes before the draw. all members   wont be able to bet on the first draw, but they can now bet on the 2nd draw. some goes for the 2nd and 3rd draw
    • Option to enable/disable the 3 draws, Example would be, i could disable draw 2 or draw 3 to prevent players from betting
    • Payment gateways for withdrawal and adding funds -  local remittance instapay/gcash payment wall etc
      Option to add multiple Remittances
      For local remittances there will fields needed to input for example
      Banks - there will be a dropdown for list of bank available that will be set by the admin. Then fields would be Full Name, Account Number, Amount minus the Fee set by the admin, contact number
      For Local Remittance - there will also be drop down listed by the admin. Fields would be Full name, Contact Number, Address, Amount - the fees.
    • Option to set Minimum and Maximum deposit per payment method
    • Option to set minimum and maximum withdrawal per day, per month, per year, per membership
    • Support ticket option
    • Send mass email
    • smtp support
    • email notification for withdrawals, deposit, winning, commissions etc
    • enable to send bonus/penalty - meaning can add or deduct funds per account
    • Still finalizing all the features


    Additional Info

    • Login logs for all clients and admins
    • We will be implementing atleast 2-5 payment gateways
    • all withdrawals are processed manually after a member request one
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  2. Bet menu

    After login. interface will be like this for the agent




    navigating bet mune will show this image



    after that adding bet will show something like this
    the bets are target and rumbled. basically you can add multiple bets per transaction



    if i click send it will prompt to print and will show the 2 bets with their transaction number and total amount.



    receipt format will be and as you can see the 2nd bet have the number R means rumbled

  3. simple bet like lottery for android with back end web admin

    Client side

    • When opening the app, agent will only see user name and password login
    • username and login will be provided by the admin.
    • agent must connect to bluetooth printer first before all menus will be functional

    Menus - i will provide some images in private for more understanding


    • this where you input the 3 number and amount. There will be 3 draws per day. Starting from 7am and will end 9pm server time
    • Draw time will be 11am, 4pm and 5pm. But there will be a cut off time. for Draw 1. cut off time will be 10:45am. Draw 2 will be 3:45pm and Draw 3 will be 8:45pm
    • there are two option, target and rumble. Target means if i bet number 123, the only i win is if the wining number is 123. unlike rumble if i bet 321 i still win
    • minimum bet for target is 1php while minimum bet for rumble is 6php
    • price computation for target will be x 500. basically every if i bet 10php and win that will be 10x500
    • for rumble it will be a multiplier of 83.33 starting from 6php. if i bet 10php for rumble and win. prize will be 83.33 x 10 = 830. just round it off
    • another exeption for rumble would be if there is a double digit bet wherein for example i bet 122 and winning number is 212. mutiplier will be times 2. meaning instead of 83 it will be 166.66 tx 10php
    • Please make this configurable in the admin panel
    • Lastly it will print the receipt. ( i need the receipt to be the same exact format and need discussion for better understanding)

    Payout - this is where we scan the printed receipt or manually input transaction number of the person who win the 3 digit number.


    • Gross - will be the total amount bet for draw1, draw 2 draw 3
    • net - will be the x% set by the admin for each agent. for example if i set agent 1 to have 10% commission for his gross. meaning if gross is 100, net will be 10
    • collectible - will be the total amount that will be collected by the admin minus the net of the agent
    • payout - will be the total amount to be paid out to all the winners
    • base in cash - will be the total that will be collected by the admin. it will be collectible subtracted by the payouts.

    History - it will show the list of people who bet for draw1, draw 2 and draw 3. with complete details. 3 digit number, rumble or target, amount, and total amount for that transaction.

    Winners - it will show all the winners of who won on the winning combination for draw 1, draw 2 and draw 2. regardless if the winning person already claim or not, this will be available to the agent info as well as admin info

    Result - this will show the winning number per draw - it will be manually input by the admin since draw are done locally

    Bluetooth connection - need to connect to bluetooth printer to print the receipt.


    admin panel
    able to create agent and input 2 fields ( lets discuss this)
    option to add sub-admin ( purpose to manually add the 3 winning numbers )
    set percentage to agent to be subtracted to the total gross of the agent store
    Show daily income per client, all client and gross of the admin
    option to suspend agent
    option to do maintenance this means all agent will be logout and wont be able to login
    option to set a limit for the 3 combination number. for example if i set $100 then it means if someone bet $100 for the number 123, then that number is already closed or locked for that draw time
    option to set the time for cut off. basically the cut off will be every 10:45am, 3:45pm and 8:45pm. Agent can start selling bet again 7am server time 
    printing the receipt time will be based on the server time to avoid cheating wherein they can change the time of their phone
    Option to input 3 winning combination number per draw, since the draw is done locally
    Option to show all the winner and every agents
    there will be few option left, still finalizing

    *note draw lots are not done with the apps, admin panel will manually input the 3 winning digit number

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